Means By Which The End Is Justified (Re​-​release)

by Into The Moat

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Re-release of the "Means" EP originally released in August of 2003 on Lovelost Records.

Performed By:
Drums - Matthew Gossman
Guitar - Kit Wray
Bass - Nicholas "The Greek" Ziros
Vocals - Earl Ruwell IV


released March 21, 2013

Drums and vocals tracked by Jeremy Staska (Studio 13). All Guitars as well as vocals on "Demise" tracked by Nick Ziros. Mixed by Nick Ziros and Jeff Cloyes. Mastered by Nick and Rob from New Alliance East.

Thank you to every single person who has supported this band.



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Into The Moat Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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Track Name: Battle-Spawned Lullabies
dwell in the battlefield
pray for my demise
not a soul
can bestow
legend by name
hero by fate
forced to combat
bred as a soldier
follow my command
without any questions
involuntary murder
sent only to kill
I hath no mercy
I survive waiting for that day
the end has found me
only to be reborn again and again
Track Name: The Golden Vile
midway on our lifes journey
I found myself in dark woods
the right road is lost
but the toad stands before me
not the one that leads to the great hand of fraud
but my own
the one I choose to carve out myself
but still threats of dismay plague me
that is where myself will be found
but stronger am I to abandon all of my hope
for I can see the outcome and I shall prevail
Track Name: Demise
day in day out
I swallow your devotion
swallow and shine false gratitude
since my being, you,
my possessor, my supposed protector, my greatest love
have provided with not much more than a great deal
of nurture for this seed of abhorrence I call myself
your eyes narrate a story
of ignorance and carelessness
now as I watch you let the only one I care for fall
I crumble inside
no more
take your last breath
and meet the torment that is my life
with these actions you will become
my effigy
no more resistance, all is let loose
for this is a true act of passion and filth
Track Name: Anguish
these fabrications you put forth on me
they lacerate this soul
I try to run
you sunder me open to see my blood shed
to hear not my pain
merely your own
you sire these avulsions
and I pray for you
to sew these afflictions
with your propaganda
I've seen no veracity
beneath that breast
why do I adhere to your idiocy
I'm only belaboring you
right now
you're nothing
in my eyes
I can now
taste deception
in your heart
you're nothing
see my blood shed
Track Name: A Settling Of Ways
tangled in this divine coil
I ponder on the concrete and the highest of laws
the injuries layed upon cannot be excused
I will keep you company not much longer
for I see my end is bound by earth
but not thrice I go under
at the smallest of ills, I lay my sword upon the table and ask for blood
I place a plague on all your houses
my half is dead for yours has slain
the end is not the end you live, so why dread I send no messenger
the nectars and wounds
are too great to let by
all I ask for is justice
for death is death no matter if the axe is golden
and love is love no matter how selfish
Track Name: Century I
a slight flame whispers from emptiness
not held in vain
the god sits close at hand
where seven children of the king are held
the forebears will come forth
from the depths of hell
loathing to see those dead are the fruit of their line
the gods are authors of a great dispute
the moon is absorbed in deep bloom
the one that stands in the darkness
will grasp the blade in his greivance
but he dies too soon and the war ends